Love of Beauty is Taste – The Creation of Beauty is Art.

“When we change the way we look at things – the things we look at change.” -Wayne Dyer

Reclaimed Beauty

There is great satisfaction in transforming one material, having one purpose, into something entirely different.
In this new body of work I wanted to create ‘beauty shots’ with a twist. Instead of going the traditional route and using designer accessories and head wraps. I chose instead to make accessories out of materials that people normally discard or toss out as trash. I wanted to make the statement that with a little creativity, ingenuity and a different point of view “The possibilities are endless”. So I used black garbage bags, brown paper bags, plastic shopping bags, foil, brown packing paper, twine, wire, and old ball chains to make my accessories and head pieces for my Eco-Goddesses ; ) I have always enjoyed the challenge of repurposing and transforming discarded materials – and actually have a site dedicated to my recycled work.

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See more CURRENT WORK or visit Sonya’s RECYCLED JEWELRY site.

Rochelle Lee – Hair & Makeup (crazy talented – a joy to work with)
Leann Crupi– Model (the total package)
Sonya Sanchez – Concept, Art Direction, Styling and Photography
Fernando Arias – Digital Tech, Lighting, Retouching
(My Partner In Crime – the other half of the Dynamic-Duo that is Sanchez Arias Photography ; )