iPhone Photography

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If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“As an owner of a Commercial Photography studio, the photography we produce for our clients has to be exact and technically precise to fit all the parameters of the assignment. Every single inch of the image is planned and executed with precision. It is for that very reason, that I like to divert from the expected “rules” with my personal Photography.
In my personal work, the only rule is “there are no rules.“ And there is only one mantra “Freedom”. Freedom to create whatever I want and communicate that vision in whichever way I choose. In my personal photography, I always focus on the less obvious and try to transform it into something worth of attention.
In my commercial photography work I am expected to be in control of everything that goes in front of the lens at all times, so when I use my iPhone it’s actually quite liberating not have to worry about equipment, lenses, depth of field, apertures or shutter speeds. There’s something quite magical and unexpected that takes place when I compose an image, run it through various apps and processes, and develop my own individual technique to transform that image into something new and unexpected. I find that shooting and manipulating images this way can be really therapeutic and invigorating!
It’s great to know all the ‘rules’ – but once in a while it’s empowering to just bend and reinvent the rules and setting yourself free, to stumble upon new and unexpected results.”
The images in the portfolio below are just a few examples of my experimentations with iPhone Art.

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